Mission Statement

Huntington County Literacy Coalition

Our mission is to help residents of Huntington County to acquire basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, and computation and to promote public awareness of adult and family literacy needs and programs in our area. We will accomplish these goals by supporting the work of volunteer tutors and paid adult literacy program staff, and working closely with other community organizations.

The Huntington County Literacy Coalition is a not-for-profit organization helping Huntington County residents acquire the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, and computation, and promoting awareness of public literacy needs and programs in the area.

We offer FREE one-on-one tutoring to any Huntington County resident (adult or child) who would like to improve basic reading, writing, and math skills, prepare for the TASC (formerly the GED) test, develop basic workforce literacy skills, or learn to speak English. Or any goal the student has in mind!

All of our services are free and confidential!

Our Organizational Structure:

Huntington County Literacy Coalition Coordinator, Dawn Schmidt

Board Members

Jan Ballard,Community Relations


Rebecca Lemons, President, Board Development, Special Events


Evelyn Priddy, Community Relations



Cathy Rumler, Treasurer/Finance, Program Steering


DeAnna Scott, Finance, Commencement


Karen Street, Program Steering, Special Events


Joan Drayer, Finance


Mickey McNeely, Steering


Celia Bandelier, Audit, Community Relations

Sr. Ginger Downey, Board Development, Steering

Megan Greve, Community Relations

Jean Hayden, Commencement

Todd Nightenhelser, Special Events

Laura Smart, Board Development, Community Relations

Mary Lou Snyder, Audit, Special Events